The Connectivity Standard for Textile Solutions.
Elastic conductive tapes
  • Stretchable, highly twistable and bendable.
    Stretchable, highly twistable and bendable.
  • Corrosion Resistant.
    Corrosion Resistant.
  • Highly Washable.
    Highly Washable.
  • Transmission of power and high speed data even under stretching.
    Transmission of power and high speed data even under stretching.
PhantomTape Starter Kit

The PhantomTape Starter Kit is the right choice if electrodes are not needed in your smart garment, but you are looking for a reliable way to build electrical connections on your textile, which are stretchable, washable and ready for an industrial scale-up. This kit contains 16m of PhantomTape X and all the necessary components for electrical connections on textiles to buttons, connection pads, PCBs and more.

Necessary textile workshop tools for handling lamination and buttons: Hot press or lamination machine (for starters, an iron works as well), textile button press & hole puncher.


  • 16m PhantomTape X, 1m PhantomTape Light beta
  • Insulation patches and PhantomLink connector patches for buttons, PCBs and other connectors
  • Example PCBs with connection surfaces
  • Conductive snap buttons & tools
  • Supporting tools for lamination and pressing
  • Laminated reference sample
  • SOP documentation
Phantom<i>Tape</i> Starter Kit
EUR €880

Starter Kit orders include up to 1.5 hours of telephone support with an expert from Nanoleq who will help you with laminating and connecting PhantomTape and ElectroSkin.

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