Textile Electrodes.
The Connectivity Standard for Textile Solutions.
  • Corrosion Free
    Corrosion Free
    Best in class corrosion and sweat resistance.
  • Lamination Ready
    Lamination Ready
    Easy applicable to textile surfaces via lamination using hot pressing.
  • Washable
    Endures more than 100 washing cycles.
  • Skin Friendly
    Skin Friendly
    Skin biocompatible ISO 10993-10.
  • Ultrathin
    Less than 1mm thin.

ElectroSkin is the only textile electrode solution of excellence. Based on a novel conductive silicone technology,
we created a hybrid polymer-textile solution that checks all the boxes.


Our Range


Nanoleq is the creator of ElectroSkin, a hybrid polymer-textile electrode solution.

ElectroSkin is ultrathin, elastic and still performs outstandingly after many times washing and wearing. It can be integrated onto garments in a one-step lamination process. Connecting ElectroSkin is fast and reliable thanks to a smart connection interface. Textile manufacturers can now easily form electrical connections, without electronics expertise and without the need for crimping or soldering.

Be part of the future with ElectroSkin.

ElectroSkin SENSE

ElectroSkin SENSE is optimized for a minimal skin impedance and maximal signal quality, without the need for wetting and after many times washing and wearing.

ElectroSkin GECKO

ElectroSkin SENSE GECKO comes with increased adhesion so that overtight shirts can be avoided once and for all.

ElectroSkin STIM

The skin contact surface and elastic modulus of ElectroSkin STIM is optimal for comfortable electrostimulation for long lasting e-textiles.

ElectroSkin Starter Kit

The ElectroSkin Starter Kit contains all you need to equip your e-textile with the best performing skin electrodes for textiles. ElectroSkin electrodes are light, thin and their skin impedance is even better than standard medical gel electrodes, without wetting and even after repeated washing. The kit comes with textile connector components and tools to laminate ElectroSkin electrodes onto textiles and connect them to your electronic module.

Necessary textile workshop tools for handling lamination and buttons: Hot press or lamination machine (for starters, an iron works as well), textile button press & hole puncher.


  • 12 ElectroSkin electrodes
  • Insulation patches for connections to buttons
  • Conductive snap buttons & tools
  • Supporting tools for press buttons
  • Laminated reference sample
  • SOP documentation
<i>ElectroSkin</i> Starter Kit
EUR €880

Starter Kit orders include up to 1.5 hours of telephone support with an expert from Nanoleq who will help you with laminating and connecting PhantomTape and ElectroSkin.

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