About Us

At Nanoleq, we have ambitious goals, a strong team spirit and a healthy company culture. Our people cover various competences such as successful entrepreneurship experience, sales, materials, electronics and textile engineering. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we all share curiosity and passion for what we do. And most importantly, we do not forget to celebrate our achievements together. In this mission, we all strive to improve the safety and health of people through the next generation of e-textiles.

About Us

Vincent Martinez
PhDFounder, CEO
Niclas Granqvist
Serge Weydert
PhDFounder, CMO
Flurin Stauffer
PhDFounder, Head of R&D
Luca Hirt
PhDFounder, COO
Behzad Mortazavi
Head of Electronics
Heike Bördgen
Head of Textile Engineering
Masih Nilchian
Head of Data Science
Vasilis Theofylaktopoulos
Product Development Engineer
Jonathan Brignoli
Development Engineer
Ali Ander
Tommaso Bianchi
Software, Signal Processing and Electronics Intern
Nick Fusi
Production and Development Intern
Elisa Espin
Marketing Specialist
Paula Infante
Office Manager

Our Advisors

Oliver Pabst
CEO Mammut
Claude Martinez
MD Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain, Kenzo
Janos Vörös
Professor at ETH Zürich
We will be looking to hire in the next 6 to 12 months the following positions:
  • Marketing expert / office responsible
  • 2 sales engineers
  • Textile engineer
  • Embedded electronics engineer
  • Embedded software engineer
  • Production technician
  • Production intern
  • Testing engineer / certification expert
  • Interns or master students for signal processing / feature extraction / electronics (Click here for more details)

We are looking for the right fit for each of these positions. We are aware that hiring the right person can be a long process and we would be happy to already receive your application.